Production Lines

“Dimensions” has given a great attention and care of its production line, and provided it with all the needed requirements to produce a perfect products featured for clients under the supervision of experts. comes at the forefront of what “Dimensions” produced is it’s covers and jackets for the sim cards and the user guide according to the approved designs by the clients or the service provider, beside the promotional products and Gift bundle, considering the following:

• Taking into account the quality and accuracy in slides matching to international standards.
• Ensure that the matching slides filled with external data and stickers.
• The use of modern technologies and employ them in the packing line.
• Flexibility in production according to the required demand in terms of working time and intensified times of promotions; as well as the flexibility to move from one product to another.
• Working on more than four products on the packing line at the same time, including promotional and marketing products.